Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Go Sailfish!

Well, it's now semi-official (I met/interviewed with the dean of the business school, Bob Myers, who makes the decision, but the president officially sends the offer). I will be teaching Business Law at PBA starting in January as an adjunct professor. I am very excited, to say the least, especially after finding out what the school wants the students to get from the course. I'm pretty confident this is a God-engineered direction. A few high points in my mind:
  • The thing the dean was most concerned with was how I planned on integrating a Theistic Christian worldview into the learning process. For example, I am specifically required to deal with things like "what constitutes success", "social responsibility", "conflict resolution" and the like from a Christian viewpoint and not just teach the legal playing field in a business context. The very thing I want to do--point to Jesus in an assumed secular field. Awesome.
  • I am strongly encouraged to have fun, go crazy, experiment--if it works, great; if not, try again.
  • I get to communicate with college students, at least some of which really want to talk about Jesus and how to follow him in their careers and elsewhere. I could really mention this one twice it's so good.
  • It's a 3000 level (junior-level) required course. They fully anticipate not everyone will pass; they expect the course to be rigorous. I don't revel the idea of failing anyone, but it helps me to know that they (my dean, etc.) expect it to be hard, and accept the consequences of that. I get to structure the course however I want, so long as certain topics get covered. I'm thinking of what books to assign outside of the text. It might be The Challenge of Jesus by N.T. Wright.
  • Assignments, etc., can be given and posted electronically through "e-college." Will learn more about this, but not dealing with paper always excites me.

I could go on, but you get the idea. I'm excited, and humbled. It's a privilege.


Kyle said...

Its been a long time coming. Congratulations, you deserve it.

I just don't know about the "Go Sailfish," I am sensing that your loyalties may be diverting to another Caesar than God.
Your backsliding shall be in my prayers ;)

Bless you, I am very happy for You, Kim and Ruby.

T said...

So you're saying I should get the tatoo removed? I had to shave my whole right buttock to get the whole fin on.

Kyle said...

If it extends over both buttocks then I would keep it. I would of preferred a tatoo of NT Wright on my buttocks but it was your decision.

Chriseric said...

T, I'm really, genuinely happy for you, man! From having sat accross the table from you and engaged topics as they relate to Jesus with you, I would consider it a priviledge to sit under your guidance in a university/classroom context. What blessed students! Rock on.

T said...

Thanks Chris & all others who have been so encouraging. It really helps me.

Bethany said...

t, that's so cool! those students are so blessed. :)