Friday, January 20, 2006

Brant does it again.

Being serious for a second, I want to take advantage of an opportunity to be encouraging to a friend, and introduce Brant to anyone who doesn't know him. Brant is a good-hearted and thoughtful guy. He has a strong tendency to use his mind in constructive ways, and to use it often. He doesn't just go off and theorize, he listens to writers and to people that he talks with. He's a guy looking for good thoughts. And he does it all with a great sense of humor.

Oh, and he's not afraid to raise issues and ask questions others won't, or won't do very well. He does both.

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Anonymous said...

And thank you, T, for your comments in the discussion. I don't think I've ever communicated with you without learning something.

Except for that time we got together at Panera 10/20/2005, and that time we played XBox 6/2/2005. I didn't learn anything those two times.

All the other times -- I learn. Thanks for the props.