Wednesday, April 26, 2006

That says it pretty well.

"It is crucial to move from principle to practice — from idea to embodiment. The Word became flesh. And we beheld his glory. The essence, the very being of the ultimate, was there for us to look at, to behold, to touch, to be with. Just as we see God in the historical Jesus, now people will see God in us, as the resurrected Jesus forms us into a literal cell in his own global body. Of the early Christians it was said, 'See how they love one another.' About us will it be said: 'If you want to know what God intended for human life to be, free of the idols which can’t produce, which can’t save us, look at that little group, that little cell. That’s who God is. Hang around with them. You’ll be touched by the divine, by eternity, by the holy'.” -- Gordon Cosby



Kyle said...

I have always felt that God is attrative, and if the church follows God they too will be attractive. Maybe not always from the outside but definitely from the inside.

Thanks for this quote T. I would like to read some of Gordon.

Dan McGowan said...

Everytime I read Acts 2:42-47 I am struck with what that gathering did NOT have... no huge praise bands, no power point, no smoke machines, no bookstore, no slick advertising... and yet people came - - people brought friends and family... somehow, the attraction of Jesus was EVEN more than some of our so-called "lures" of the 21st Century... Could it actually be true that if we give people Jesus - the REAL Jesus - then, "they will come...?"

Anonymous said...

That quote seems to be from here: -- there's a new post by Gordon Cosby on this site today.