Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Kyle made me do this

I've been tagged by Kyle for a "what are you reading now" meme. So, Kyle, since you're very far away, are expecting your first child, and are now probably brainwashed to never use a 6th grade level vocabulary for more than three consecutive sentences, I will give you two -- that's right two -- answers on this: one business and one non-business.

I'm practically surrounded by books at work, but they are the technical, lawyerly kind. The one that was on top of the stack today doesn't even have typical page numbers. I'm not kidding. The pages are "1-7" (for the seventh page of chapter one), and "2-22" (for the twenty-second page of chapter two), etc. Which means I had to actually do math to find the 123rd page of the book. Well, I don't do math, I do Excel. But you get the point. And here's what the 6th through 9th sentences were on the 123rd page of Practice Under the Florida Probate Code:

Trial courts have jurisdiction over the trustees of a trust when the situs of the trust is in Florida, and both statutory requirements and the constitutional minimum contacts requirements have been met. Chereskin v. Branch Banking & Trust Co., 705 So.2d 955 (Fla. 1st DCA 1998). The 1993, 1995, and 2001 legislatures passed important legislation in the area of trust law that significantly changed probate proceedings, relating to certain trusts, and the 2006 Legislature enacted the Florida Trust Code (F.S. Chapter 736), effective July 1, 2007, which created a new body of trust statutes more closely modeled on the Uniform Trust Code. A complete examination of the legislation is beyond the scope of this chapter; the following is a partial summary of the changes.

Just enough to whet your appetite about those changes, huh?
I'll post on from my "home" reading and who I choose to tag next . . .

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Kyle said...

Wow! Next time were in FL I'll have to borrow that from you. Looks very interesting! :>)

We're praying for a safe and quick delivery for Brook.

Blessings brother.

P.S. I don't know about these jargon references. I still use a 6th grade vocabulary. Well, maybe its a 7th but still...!