Thursday, December 22, 2005


I wouldn't know, but I hope that doing stuff this funny, even every once in a while, is rewarding for the people who create it for a living.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, man: I clicked on this link, and Panera's filter blocked it, for adult content.

Big RESTRICTED thing on my screen. How embarrassing.

I don't know what you're linking to, here, but sheesh. I feel dirty now. Thanks.


T said...

Well, the SNL crew aren't exactly the most sanitized group--I probably should have prefaced that for my younger readers. I hereby rate this link PG-13 (for making fun of routinely profane music, while plugging a Christian movie)

Mike B said...

That was truly funny. Check this link out, since it is about something in my home state, I thought it hilarious too.

T said...

Nice. I think "Purpose-Driven Field" is my favorite part.

Anonymous said...

When the heck are you going to update this thing?

I want something new. NOW.


Muchas smoochas,